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Splice Original Compilation

I’m not sure where I’ve seen this before, but I’ve definitely laid eyes on this cover before. It’s a compilation put out by Splice Today .  What is Splice Today….well, I’m not so sure.  But I think that this compilation looks sweet, and in includes the subject of the last post, Musee Mecanique.  Other musicians […]

Lonestar Chain w/ Vandaveer and Peter Fosco

Thursday May 28th 2009 The MOnkey House Presents LONESTAR CHAIN w/ Vandaveer and Pete Fosco 9pm $6 21+ LONESTAR CHAIN We’ve written before about the Lonestar Chain.  They are a group with really great musicians playing really great rocking country songs.  If you haven’t seen them, you should Vandaveer So, I just realized that Vandaveer […]

These United States w/ Area C, Mem1, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper and Cannon Fodder – Tonight 4.30.09

So, if you are looking to do something this week, that isn’t all of the other things that look like they will be really great, come check this one out: These United States To your left is a bunch of grizzly dudes that make up the band These United States.  Great songs performed really well.  […]

Nick Jaina, These United States & The Vacant Lots 9.26.08

Tonight. Come. It’s raining. I’m going to wear swim trunks and bike to The Monkey. Join me. NICK JAINA (portland, oregon) & THESE UNITED STATES (ky/ dc) w. The Vacant Lots! Nick Jaina These United States The Vacant Lots ps. feel free to support The Vacant Lots by voting for them for artist of the […]