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Prince Rama of Ayodhya w. Beach Fossils, Tooth Ache , parmaga & UPbrella! – 10.07.09- The Gezellig Theater

We’ve certainly posted a few times now about Prince Rama of Ayodhya each time they have strolled through Burlington. This might be the first time I actually get to catch them though. The first time through was an epic event pretty much presented by the Whitehaus Family Record ( bestest folks in Mass! ). A […]

Swale & Rough Francis – 10.02.09 – JDK Basement

Had seen the date and location on the Rough Francis site for a wee bit, and then just read a wee bit more about it over at Steve’s site. ++fuckinrighthandman++ Looks to be the last local Rough Francis gig for the time being. Hopefully a few more pop out through out the winter/ spring. So. […]

Lonesome Lake – 9.26.09 Radio Bean – 10pm

LONESOME LAKE A diverse and lovely night of music at Radio Bean tonight. LONESOME LAKE starts  at 10pm. Lonesome Lake are a trio out of Keene, NH. Bjorn is a great cook and plays a mean fiddle, Greg used to play in a band called First Cut is The Deepest/ designs rad posters, and Jeff is […]

9.25.09 at Pomeroy

Here’s a bit more info on that gig we mentioned in a previous post on LW. ROMAN WOLFE [member of Arabian Blade. CT]DEREALIZE [VT noise newcomer]PSYCHIC VAGINA [the artist formerly known as Son Of Salami]RATS COPS [Labatt black & blue]LARRY WISH [latest saga of fucked btv karaoke]ALPHA CENTAUR [heavy psych-o punk lost boyz]LAWRENCE WELKS & […]

Larry Wish -> Krinket Software: Newer Burlington Act ( at least to me )

Was hanging up some posters the other day and came across a free CD. Wrapped up in a piece of paper with just the words krinket software 2009 on one side and then a little face and what i thought was 3 little fingers. It just occurred to me that its actually and L and […]

A Sunny Day In Glasgow – November 12th, 2009

Angioplasty Media is happy to present. A SUNNY DAY IN GLASGOW ~ The Monkey House – Thursday November 12th, 2009 ~ //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// ////

Great Lake Swimmers w. The Wooden Birds & Sharon Van Etten 9.24.09

A super great/ relaxing show happening this coming Thursday (9.24) up at Higher Ground. Feel as though it could mellow me out for the remainder of the month for sure. In nothing but a good way mind you. Much needed. Two acts I truly love, with a newer act I’m just finding out more about. […]

Califone Tickets on sale TODAY!!

Hey all… Just a note to say that tickets are now on sale at Pure Pop  and the Monkey House for Califone on October 18th. Tickets will be $12 ( Pure Pop does charge a $1 fee for being great about letting us sell tickets there). If you are under 21+ by the time the […]

Big Tree – Sings Today and Tonight ! 9.19.09

There seems to be at least 1 if not 2 to 3 shows every night so far this fall worth checking out. It’s getting busier and busier.  BIG TREE “So likeable it hurts.” – Ka Leo O Hawaii, 9/10/08  Big Tree , ‘an up and coming indie-pop outfit from Brooklyn, NY who feature infectiously catchy […]

Samara Lubelski w. Joshua Burkett – 9.20.09 – Radio Bean

I’m pretty excited about this one. Glad it panned out and they were able to find a place to play in town. Hopefully a few folks come out. It’s later on a Sunday but its also the same night as The Decemberists in town so maybe a few like minded fans come on over after […]