These United States w/ Area C, Mem1, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper and Cannon Fodder – Tonight 4.30.09

So, if you are looking to do something this week, that isn’t all of the other things that look like they will be really great, come check this one out:

These United States

To your left is a bunch of grizzly dudes that make up the band These United States.  Great songs performed really well.  The band has changed over the past few years since they made their Burlington debut at…um….the 2nd Floor. The core of the bands material are the songs written by singer Jesse…I can’t locate his last name, so we’ll just call him Jesse right now. Here’s some press courtesy of United Interests:

“A bevy of images, all delivered with the same gentle intensity…small melodic bits pull and push the listener’s attention, moving continuously under layered melodies and a wash of words.”

Also playing tonight, among others:

Area C/ Mem 1, LADY LAMB THE BEEKEEPER as well as CANNON FODDER ( last show til fall!)

!$!$!more info on all support acts can be found below!$!$!


A vertical of error; a transplant to the chamber. Dubbed “space rock for the information age” by WIRE magazine, AREA C weaves a complicated web of sound from minimal sources, mainly guitar, field recordings, Farfisa organ and harmonium, sometimes with an old Hammond drum machine thrown to the wall. Drawing on remnants of other times and places, outdated and untested technologies, signals sent out but never received. AREA C has a new CD titled “Charmed Birds Against Sorcery” on the Students of Decay label, as well as new cassette on SLOOWTAPES. Erik’s permanent sound installation (a collaboration with architect Meejin Yoon) is also now up and running in Washington DC, at 1110 Vermont Avenue. 

a really nice review from DUSTED MAGAZINE  can be found here. 




  Mem1 (Mark + Laura Cetilia) uses sound as a sculptural material through which listeners’ perception of space and time become malleable. In their improvisation-based performances, cello acts as the sole source material that is manipulated in real time using custom hardware and software. Hailing from Los Angeles, Mem1 has traveled extensively, performing at Roulette (NYC), REDCAT / Disney Hall (LA), the Orange County Museum of Art, Electronic Church (Berlin), the Laptopia Festival (Tel-Aviv), the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, and the Borealis Festival (Bergen). In 2007, they were awarded an artist residency at Harvestworks in New York for the creation of a new surround sound piece entitledSonodendron. They have since taken part in residencies at STEIM (the Netherlands), Kunstenaarslogies (the Netherlands) and USF Verftet (Norway). In 2009, they created a site-specific installation for the Museums of Bat Yam (Israel); their collaborative work with media artists Kadet Kuhne and Liora Belford has been screened and installed at venues including the Sundance Film Festival, Fringe Exhibitions (Los Angeles), and the Hordaland Kunstsenter (Bergen). Their third full-length album, +1, consisting of collaborations between Mem1 and artists such as Steve Roden, Jan Jelenik, and Frank Bretschneider, was released in Spring 2009 by Interval Recordings.




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