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Los Campesinos! & Sky Larkin Tonight at HG 3.30.09

A big week for music here in Burlington with lots of interesting acts playing out for us. Including but not limited to: Nosebleed Island, Truman Peyote, Turtle Ambulance, Tooth Ache, Ryan Power, Farm, Blowtorch, Phantom Animal, Dinosaur Jr., Awesome Color, The Shandies, The Sons of Dawn, Dark Knights of Camelot, LW&OB2X & Lendway. Kicking it […]

Vetiver – Tickets on Sale

Hello there. This is an official statement…. Tickets for this show: Vetiver w/ Papercuts and Ryan Power Tuesday May 5th 2009 at the Monkey House $10/ 21+ will go on sale at Pure pop and the Monkey House at 4pm Wednesday April 1st.  There will be 40 tickets sold at each outlet. There will only […]

Best Show EVER!!!

Saturday  March 21st 2009 Barbacoa w/ Swale and Tom Banjo’s Cranky Show 9pm 21+ $5 Ok, Maybe not the best show ever, but this is one of the best local line-ups I’ve seen in a long time.  And probably the most eclectic…..EVER!!! Barbacoa If you’ve not seen Barbacoa, this is a crummy recording that makes […]

Brenda, Metal Feathers & Paper Castles

Been meaning to post on these shows for weeks damnit. Can’t seem to catch up on any thing as of late. Oh wells. Better late than never usually. Really excited to have the BRENDA & METAL FEATHERS folks here in town for a 2 day run**. Kicking it off tonight, March 19th around 8/ 9pm […]

Tonight: TICK_TICK-NNA-GD extravaganza bliss fest

Hello all. We were slightly  involved in helping to set up a show this Wednesday (tonight) at the Bakery in downtown Burlington. 3 bands on tour who are bringing their brand of new age cosmic synth drone bliss to New England and beyond. And a little help from some locals. ///////////////////// Wednesday, March 18, 2009 […]

Nose Bleed Island new Release!

I just poked my head into the Radio Bean today and saw that there is a new record out by Nosebleed Island called “opposite Hitler moustache”.   The disc is 27 songs.  I didn’t buy a copy, but I will probably do so later today. The disc is on sale at Pure Pop and Jamba’s Junktiques […]

* Death & Rough Francis in the NY Times *

Another really nice piece on the history/ future of the music. Check it here. Also. Check out the new issue of FADER for a nice piece towards the tale end of the magazine.

Midnight @ The Bean – tonight –

courtesy of A Snake In The Garden XIPHOID DEMENTIA (MA) :: death industrial & heavy electronics. precise fear WATERDOGS (CT) :: harsh power electronics. a bloodless heart ZERFALLT (MA) :: dark synth decomposition. our crumbling end GROVEL (BTV) :: dense harsh noise. sexual failure just a quick note…. in case you were looking for […]

tooth ache w/ Jenny Montana and Lady Lioness

Saturday March 14th 2009 tooth ache w/ Jenny Montana and Lady Lioness at the Monkey House $5 21+/$10 under 21 830 Doors This is Alexandria Hall, aka tooth ache, playing the guitar.  Chances are, she won’t be playing one this saturday.  The tunes up online and that I’ve seen her performe live are generally layered […]

March 12th. The 5th Element. EPIC. !$!$

TICK TICK is THRILLED to present. Thursday March 12th, 2009 – The 5th Element SISTER SUVI,  SHAPES & SIZES,  NAT BALDWIN &  RYAN POWER Will it be sunny or will it snow? No matter. It’s going to be bad ass. Take a peek.