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– 1.30.10 at The Monkey House & The Enchanted Forest –

it’s cold but still worth going out. Saturday January 30th, 2010 – The Monkey House Pretty & Nice w. You Can Be A Wesley + Big Big Bucks ~ The Monkey House – Saturday January 30th, 2010 – Doors 8:30 or so. $5 ~ -=–=-0==-0=-0=-==-0=-=-sdfa-e fq34fq4fqw–=–=-0==-0=-0=-==-0=-= and once again. probably missing this due to dinner with the […]

Peace, Loving + Prince Rama of Ayodhya w. tooth ache + MAUI – 2.02.10

-=–=-0==-0=-0=-==-0=-=-sdfa-e fq34fq4fqw–=–=-0==-0=-0=-==-0=-= -=–=-0==-0=-0=-==-0=-=-sdfa-e fq34fq4fqw–=–=-0==-0=-0=-==-0=-= Chubby Wonder might be kickin it out as well. -=–=-0==-0=-0=-==-0=-=–wqf4qf43qfe-afds–=–=-0==-0=-0=-==-0=-=

LW+OB2X w. SUSAN, Grovel, ChUbbY Wonder + Caring Babies – 1.28.10

7 Days dares you to check out the Worst Burlington Has to Offfer! so fuck it. go. —-==== + + + ====—- Lawrence Welks & Our Bear To Cross But there is precious little artistic value in random violence. And that is essentially what the guileless Cam Cougar amounts to, assaulting the listener with berserk fury. […]

Haiti Relief Show at The Radio Bean – 1.23.10

Come out for a good cause this Saturday January 23rd at The Radio Bean in downtown Burlington, VT. —====++++ – ++++====— Folks currently scheduled to play are: MAGA + Sad BASTARDS + evilhero. —====++++ – ++++====— thanks.

The Milkman’s Union – 1.23.10 – Radio Bean

Been a while since I have had the opportunity to see Henry Jamison’s project The MILKMAN’s UNION. Last time through was at The Monkey House for a solo affair a few years back. This time through its looking to be a full band with the Bean as  the closer to a 2 week run with […]

Enchanted Forest – 1.30.10 –

might. miss this. maybe. due to YCBAW + P&N. info ganked from Aether Everywhere: a narcissistic, low-key evening of Aquarian celebration & self-preservation through revelry: and again: ~ Live at The Enchanted Forest – Saturday January 30th, 2010- 9pm- Followed by Intimate Dance ! ~

SUSAN – Upcoming Events

–==++  SUSAN  ++==– skanky sue. ———-      S     ———- January 30th – THE ENCHANTED FOREST – w. Lawrence Welks. Chubby Wonder. MAUI. TOBY A. ASITG. March 13th – RADIO BEAN – Ladies of Burlington with Nuda Veritas. tooth ache. Lady Lioness. Maryse Smith. ———-      S     ———-

The Lisps – 1.22.10 – Radio Bean – Late[R] Night GIG.

These folks are out of NYC.  They rep/ sing songs about stuff you know about: 3 out of 4 people being Lefty. Not wanting to be the one you love. Not wanting to see the people you fuck. ya know. the usual stuff. [[[[[[[[[[{{{{{{{{{{ }}}}}}}}}}]]]]]]]]]]] The LISPS The Lisps are a New York-based assemblage of […]

Christabel + The Jons – 1.19.10 – Radio Bean – Pre Tonk

Glad this came together! Many a GREAT shows upcoming. —- ==== == == ==== —- CHRISTABEL and THE JONs Christabel & the Jons is currently on tour from Louisiana to Maine and everywhere in between, promoting their album “Custom Made for You” and singing a bunch of new bossa nova and country swing tunes which […]

The CUSH – The Vigilant Ones – VIDEO

—-====+++++====—- —-====+++++====—- Animated video created by PJ Devilliers for Shallowtree productions.