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Angioplasty Video – Episode 5 Vandaveer

Vandaveer, vandaveer, vandaveer…. geez….. Sorry, so much about one act. But, this is important? We did a very fun session of Angioplasty Video last night, and this is what we got… Vandaveer The Waking Hour Hope yeh like ‘er…..

Vandaveer video –

happy Thursday… Meet Vandaveer: so I’m trying to get Vandaveer to do an angioplasy video tonight after his show at the Monkey House. But for now, enjoy this: also, maybe we’ll get Lowell in there as well…. Show starts at 9pm.  $6 cover.  Going to be a good one!

Dark Dark Dark w. Shawn Grady & UPbrella @ Gezellig Theater 8.27.09

A last minute pieced together event that turned out lovely. A rather wonderful suggestion from ECHOES STILL SINGING LIMBS member Aidan, emails to and fro, folks knowing folks, and a rehearsal session turned into full on concert.  Come on out around 9pm. $3 . There’s so much going on tonight. I know.  DARK DARK DARK […]

Brown Bird Photos 8/15/09

as a nice additions to the Brown Bird video just posted, her are some photos taken by our good friend Graeme Flegenheimer…

– Indie Flick Screening at Designhaus – RSO [Registered Sex Offender] – 8.27.09

So we tried to screen the Harmony & Me flick last Saturday night via our friend Graeme Flegenheimer, but it fell through at the last minute due to some unforeseen circumstances etc. After some talks with the director of the flick, Bob Byington and his assistant, they and Graeme thought it might be cool to […]

Blood Warrior & Folks – 8.24.09

Where’d the summer go? August is almost over, schools just about back in session, more and more folks are kickin it about town it seems. Though folks don’t seem to be coming out to shows as much, or maybe there just aren’t that many folks interested in what’s playing? Hopefully fall picks things up, even […]

Rad! Ryan Power Tracks on Burly Song

These are all great. I Don’t Care The Knowhow Translation & Is It Happening? Check out the entire session of Rebecca and Ryan talking about his recording process for solo work as opposed to folks he records for,  how he ended up in VT, as well as the new band he’s forming for fall! A […]

Angioplasty Video 4 (and 3)

Presenting….. Brown Bird I hope you are enjoying the Angioplasty Videos.  We are definitely enjoying taping them for you all.  Editing them….not so much. But oh well, glad to bring this installment to you beautiful people. This episode was taped late night on August 15th in our very stuffy studio. Please do check out Brown […]

Digital Downloads!

This just in from homeslice Greg Davis: Crowd surfing is so rad! oh, and this…. He’s created a website for Brattleboro Pop Icon Chris Weisman.  You can purchase one or all of his 106 (or so) song catalogue from right here: CHRISWEISMAN.COM He’s pretty super awesome. Check out his band HAPPY BIRTHDAY And, in the […]

Vermont LIve VIDEO

Just thought you all might like to watch some video from our good friend Jonah at Vetiver playing Michael Hurley’s Blue Driver