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Blake Hazard & John Dragonetti of The Submarines – 12.29.09 – Radio Bean – Pre Tonk

A last minute pre tonk set this evening. Tunes start at 8:15 or so. //// //// //// THE SUBMARINES /// /// John Dragonetti and Blake Hazard recorded HONEYSUCKLE WEEKS, their second album as THE SUBMARINES, as summer vines blossomed and the sun coaxed green grasses up around the stones leading from their East LA home […]

Hi. Some Things to Look forward to in 2010. Bye.

Some good shows announced. Some with homes. Some without. Sure to be some more surfacing soon. Here are the bands and some of the dates! Lets get some more folks coming this way. ——————————-//// //// //// //// //// //// ////—————————— January early on, rads. still working out the location!. ~ Many Mansions so great. + […]

Austin Sirch + Paper Castles – 12.20.09 – Radio Bean

This will be nice. Haven’t seen Austin play in quite a while. I think the last time I saw him play was before I randomly saw him walking up a trail to Camels Hump in the snow. And that had to be at least a year plus ago. so. ++++++++++++++++++++ AUSTIN SIRCH Sirch offers one […]



The Jazz Guys Final Show w. Missy Bly, Swale + James Kochalka! – 12.18.09 – Muddy Waters

Leaving the Holiday Party early for this one. Yall should do the same. Missy Bly +  Swale + Kochalka + Jazz Guys Show starts at 9pm – FREE! Capacity is only 75 people, so get there early! Jazz Guys are releasing a double CD at the show! CD will include their French album, unreleased recordings, […]

Mountain Man covers tooth ache at CMJ

A little late on this one but was just watching some footage of CMJ back in October of MOUNTAIN MAN and the second song in their segment for The Loneliness of The Long Distance Runner is a cover of tooth aches HOLYFATHER. //// //// //// //// “now i’ll admit i’m not the best in town, […]

Chris Brokaw + Geoff Farina – The Lamb Abbey – 12.13.09 – Early Show!

Looks as though it might finally happen. 4th time around. I remember seeing KARATE back at the Space Gallery in Portland, Maine in October of 2004. The 2nd to be exact. Had been on a streak of seeing some great shows in anticipation of moving back to VT to start a full time job. Just […]

Ginger Ibex – 12.12.09 – Radio Bean

Been listening to this Cambridge based act a lot today just doing work. Catching up on massive amounts of emails. g damns. MUSIC FOR FILM LOVERS //// GINGER IBEX One of Sharon Crumrine’s earliest influences was Beethoven, whose music alternately rocks the world or moves listeners to tears with its dark lyrical beauty. She was […]

The Vacant Lots – Last Minute Gig & NYE w. Dean & Britta in NYC

Last minute gig for the VACANT LOTS tonight! Saturday December 12th, 2009 at 10:30pm at Radio Bean. Check them out one more time before 201o rolls around. also. Last year The Vacant Lots played Muddy Waters w. BLOWTORCH and I rocked the door. Good times, cold feet, great people. This year they step it up […]

Wedge Show 8: Goodbye Larry – 12.12.09

At work. Missing this. I think it starts in 21 minutes. ach. //// //// //// //// from the folks at the wedge: When we all go back home and take our winter breaks and then come back to Burlington, the esteemed LARRY WISH will not be here. He is moving back to Minnesota. But before […]