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NICK JAINA w/ Monoprix at the Monkey TONIGHT!!

NICK JAINA ***^^^////\\\\^^^*** There is a good chance that you’ll see Nick Jaina and his band on Church Street this afternoon.  He looks something like this: Ok, maybe not exactly like this.  Maybe something more like this: If your not on Church St. today and you want to see what’s in store for you when […]

Beach Fossils – 8.13.10 – The Monkey House

Glad these guys are coming back. Last time through was with PRINCE RAMA (recently linked up with  PAW TRACKS )  and local folk such as Parmaga, tooth ache + UPbrella. Bad ass night. Sold out the Bakery aka The Gezellig Theatre aka ENTER. Since then they’ve pretty much been killing it non stop. Upcoming tours […]

State Theatre to Reopen in Fall of 2010

THE BOWERY PRESENTS AND ALEX CROTHERS TO REOPEN PORTLAND, MAINE’S STATE THEATRE IN FALL 2010 LAUREN WAYNE TO SERVE AS GENERAL MANAGER OF THE THEATRE; EXPECTS 80 SHOWS A YEAR IN PORTLAND Historic Theatre Renovations Continue with Upgrades to Sound and Lighting and Overall Refurbishment of Venue (New York, NY) May 26, 2010…The Bowery Presents, […]

Neon Magus CD Release ! – 5.29.10 – Enter

This just in from the fine folks at Aether Everywhere! Neon Magus and Aether Everywhere are proud to finally present Neon Magus’s debut album, Watching The Watcher. The group traveled to Hotel2Tango in Montreal, QC in early January just after a massive snow storm and returned to America triumphant. They worked with world famous producer/engineer […]

Sam Amidon is great!

—===“` hey all know SAM AMIDON? A couple of things: 1.) His newest album I See the Sign was one of the first albums out this year…literally.  It was released Jan 1st, 2010. 2.) This video of the traditional “Wedding Dress” from his album All is Well is RAD: 3.) He did a cover of […]

Pine Smoke Lodge w. Toby Aronson + ASITG + tooth ache – 5.26.10

Might finally get to catch my first event down at the ENCHANTED FOREST. Have missed some crazy shit I hear and would love to give a little love to the MAINE based crew of PINE SMOKE LODGE. =-=-==-=-= =-=-==-=-= =-=-==-=-= =-=-==-=-= PINE SMOKE LODGE Pine Smoke Lodge’s Matt McKeever andHillary Dickerson hail from Portland Maine, where […]

Nat Baldwin w. Kurt Weisman + Ryan Power – 5.20.10 – The Monkey House

Nat Baldwin has a few days off from playing/ touring with THE DIRTY PROJECTOR and has set out on  a solo run of shows in ME, VT, MA and NY. He grabbed a car, his bass, a basketball + a jump rope and he’s psyched. Nat came through town back in March of 09′ for […]

number 9!


Torche w. The Sight Below + Painted Manes + Burrows – 5.18.10

At the Monkey House. Always. Last minute sort o gig I hear. TORCHE got robbed in CHICAGO. ‘the quick rundown is that equipment, guitars, laptops, passports, personal belongings and, sadly, more was taken’ no passports = no Canada/no  Metropolis = but, A Monkey House show. ====== – ******************* – ====== The BLACK LODGE Presents: TORCHE ====== – […]


6666—===9999 In a wonder of terrible promoting, there is a show at the MONKEY HOUSE tonight, MOnday May 17th at 7pm!! 6666===—9999 OK IKUMI FOREST WORLD ForTHEelctroPOPfansOFtheGREATERburlingtonAREA. 9999999999999999996666666666666666666