Monthly Archives: February 2010

Orion Rigel Dommisse – 2.26.10 – Radio Bean

Tonight! Orion has an album out on Greg Weeks ( Espers ) label LANGUAGE of STONE. Was just up in Montreal playing at Casa del Popolo and wanted to roll through town to check out the Bean and play us some tunes. Definitely worth checking out. Friday February 26th, 2010 – Radio Bean ORION RIGEL […]

Phantogram + Junk Culture w. tooth ache and DJ Disco Phantom – 2.22.10

That means tonight. ———-==========———-==========———- Matt from MSR Live has another one for us. And the Monkey House is happy to be hosting it. Phantogram came through Burlington last in October of 2008 to the best of my knowledge. At the time they were called CHARLIE EVERYWHERE and were supporting The BRAZILIAN GIRLS down at Metronome. […]

NURSES – 4.15.10 – The Monkey House

Just before I hit the road for a bit this summer my friend ALY recommended I check out a band called NURSES ahead of time/ or/ once we got out to Portland, OR. As that’s where they lurk. Didn’t have a chance to see them play (or any music) while we were out there for […]

Dawes w. Jason Boesel + Lowell Thompson – 2.21.10

Will be slinging some tickets at the Hardcore & Metal showcase but hope to make it over to the Monkey House in time for Dawes to back up Jason Boesel. Maybe even catch Lowell & Co. Something for some folks who feel up for a wee bit -o-alt country indie esque jams. Wish we had […]

Mates of State w. MT Bearington + The Smittens – 2.17.10

Tonight at Higher Ground. Selling pretty swell. Got up too early! too much coffee! [[[[[[[[[[[[————-===============————-]]]]]]]]]]]] Mates OF State ========——–======== MT Bearington ========——–======== with * THE SMITTENS * [[[[[[[[[[[[————-===============————-]]]]]]]]]]]] ~ Wednesday February 17th, 2010 – Higher Ground – 7:30 – $12 ~

The Smittens w. Missy Bly + Jenny Montana & The Love Club – 2.14.10 –

Todays another day. And there’s another great show. so. you should. probably go. ——–========hearthearthearheartheart========——– The SMITTENs ——–========hearthearthearheartheart========——– MiSSY Bly LOVE record BREAKER ——–========hearthearthearheartheart========——– Jenny Montana + The LOVE Club ——–========hearthearthearheartheart========——– ~ Sunday February 14th, 2010 – The Monkey House – Music at 8pm – $5 ~

Heloise & The Savoir Faire – Winter Is A Drag Ball XV – SOLD OUT

So. Much. FUN. Even just working at it is fun. .more hand stands. —-========////////HhHhHhHhHhHhHhH\\\\\\\\========— Heloise & THE Savoir Faire THE WINTER IS A DRAG BALL XV The House of LeMay will again be producing/hosting The Winter is A Drag Ball XV. This year’s theme is “At The Drag Ball of Good & Evil.” The night […]

Blowtorch + Barbacoa – 2.12.10- Radio Bean

Tonight! ———-========== \/\/\/\/\/\/\/==========———- BLOWTORCH BARBACOA ———-========== \/\/\/\/\/\/\/==========———- ~ Friday February 12th, 2010 – Radio Bean – 10:30 PM – FREE/ DONATIONS ~

Think About Life – 4.30.10 – The Monkey House

Sooo happy these guys are coming back. Last time through it was the Good Bye party to Tick Tick. That night was an epic evening of goodness. TAL was joined by locals Son of Salami, DJ Mike Device + Drew Stock as well as Montreal folks Black Feelings and Baltimore’s own PONYTAIL. So great. By […]

The Daredevil Christopher Wright – 2.09.10 – Radio Bean – Tonight~!

These guys are great.  Set kicks off about 8pm and rolls til Honky Tonk starts on up at the Bean. Grab some grub and take a listen. ———-==========/\/\/\/\/\/\/\==========———- The DAREdevil CHRIStopher WRIGHT The phrase, “the agony of the leaves,” derives from hot water pouring over tea leaves. As the tea steeps and the leaves unfurl, […]