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Wish I could have Caught this…

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The New Flesh: The Films of David Cronenberg

Just started to see a ton of posters for this. The New Flesh: The Films of David Cronenberg /// Thursdays at 7PM \\\ Corresponding with the Firehouse Gallery exhibition Medicine & Mortality, this four-film series explores the work of award-winning filmmaker David Cronenberg, known as the originator of the venereal horror genre. Not for the faint […]

CSC Funk Band w. Jimmy Cousins Big Band & Psychic Vagina – 10.27.09

Meant to post this earlier today. Ah well. Effin GWAR . Tonight  at Club Metronome there’s a rad Funk Band playing. Not too out of the ordinary for afunk band to be in town, especially at Metronome,  but this particular band is made up of some folks in some not so funky outfits. CSC includes […]

New autumn records release!!

autumn records //NEW RELEASE// KURT & CHRIS WEISMAN You can stream bits of each of the tracks if you follow the link.  Also, there is a rundown of how it was conceived.  Apparently the album title was chosen and then Chris, Kurt, and their sister Emma went to work on the music and artwork. Check […]

The Enchanted Forest (10.23.09) & Radio Bean (10.24.09)

Some goodness. If you happen to be hitting up Ryan Power ~ Happy Birthday ~ Little Women.  or  Odd Nosdam initially on Friday,  definitely consider checking out the Enchanted Forest show afterwards. ∆∆∆    ∆∆∆    ∆∆∆    ∆∆∆ THE ENCHANTED FOREST ZERFALLT (Boston)LW&0B2XA SNAKE IN THE GARDENSUSAN nine thirty yr dick is a bomb, […]

Spirits of The Red City ( Minneapolis ) – 10.22.09 – The Monkey House

October has seriously been a crazy month of shows and its still plugging along. All and all today I could end up catching 8 acts if I’m lucky/ unlucky. If you happen to be over near the U MALL ?! stop by HOT TOPIC?!? and catch SUPER BONHEUR ( Shawn Grady y band ) w. […]

Upcoming events!!

Thanks so much to all yous folks that came out to support the Califone, Sian Alice Group, Paper Castles show. it was, in a word…Rad. Hopefully both Califone and Sian Alice Group will be back soon. Also, just a note,  Sian is pronounced Shawn, if anyone was interested. MOVING ON!! here are a couple of […]

Valleys & BRENDA w. The RattleSnakes – 10.17.09 –

//// ///// //// Happy to piece this one together last minute. Hopefully a few folks check it since it’s some relatively up and coming/ out of staters. Valleys are Montreal based and recently played  Pop Montreal on the same bill as Ryan Power (band) at Phonopolis. Brenda are friends from back in Portland w. members […]

Califone w. Sian Alice Group & Paper Castles – 10.18.09

Happenin soon.  Poster share. Tickets still available at Pure Pop as well as the night of the gig.

The Heavy w. Rough Francis – 11.04.09

Heard The Heavy were coming and thought it would be rad.  Just saw that ROUGH FRANCIS got added to the bill. Now we’re probably talking sell out. A gentleman who worked with me for a brief time gave me their album  BRIEF VENGEANCE AND FURIOUS FIRE back in May of the 08. .hearted it. Given that […]