Monthly Archives: February 2008

Sat. March 8th. LATE NIGHT Experimental Loud

Hey all. Adding to an already stellar eve I’ve been notified from JB that there is a late night session of experimental music going down at the Radio Bean! A NIGHT OF LOUD feat. The Le Duo Oak A Snake In The Garden Midnight @ Radio Bean Go.  

Sat. March 8th. Mark it. Cult Maze in The Noosk.

I had been looking forward to March 8th for a few months now. In the last few years at HG we had had the chance to have some super quality “indie style” comedy roll thru town. March 8th marked the return of Todd Barry. He had come probably 3 years back and put on a […]

Beach House Gueslisted on Pitchfork 2.22.08

Thought some folks might want to catch this for a quick morning read. Really excited about the upcoming gig at the Monkey with these guys, The Papercuts & now Greg Davis on March 30th. Tickets will be going onsale shortly and hopefully available at a number of local spots for easy purchasing. Folks  interested in […]

Apes, Company, Lendway & Nosebleed Island! 2.17.08

 UPDATE!!!Wow. Holy Shit. Was not prepared for the greatness of APES! I don’t dance. I don’t try to dance. But I danced. Apes just flat out killed. I have to sleep.    I’m psyched cause more folks off of the Panache roster are rolling thru town to catch folks off guard with their ridiculous bursts of energy and percussive […]

Lovely Job. Nicely Done. Simply Glad

Got out of work tonight and was asked if I had heard about Pretty & Nice? Apparently they have been signed! It’s official.Signed to hardly art.  More information can be found at“pitches of forks!” nicely done and congrats.