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Sylphid 7.30.09 – The Monkey House

Kicking it in Toledo?! On the backswing of a mini vacation to the West Coast and back. Lots o’ sitting in the back seat and hanging. Looking forward to getting back to Burlington! Just caught word of a gig tomorrow night with friends   VILLANELLES  &  The SUN LIONS with SYLPHID (Northampton, MA )   […]

ROUGH FRANCIS! Opening for MOS DEF 8.05.09

So by now most folks locally know or are aware of the back story/ future of DEATH and the formation of ROUGH FRANCIS.  Both are/ were/ and continue to be phenomenal bands that have started to garner some crazy attention all through out the music world. One major FAN! of DEATH that has voiced it […]


WEDNESDAY JULY 29th 2009 CLUES w/ PAPER CASTLES Constellation Records, 2009 “Clues was founded by Alden Penner and Brendan Reed, both active for years in the Montreal music scene. Alden was one-half of Unicorns, a band that burned bright and fast at the beginning of the century, and Brendan has been a member of a […]

Weekend edition of Angioplasty Awesome

Kurt Weisman will be playing sunday night July 26th at the Monkey House with Sharn Van Etten, Glass Ghosts, and Robert Stillman’s Horses also, here is a nice video of Sharon: I’m really looking forward to the show, aren’t you? Also, if you’re in Burlington, don’t forget to Ramble around the north end.  Head to […]

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow – Saturday 7/25

Saturday July 25th 2009 TOMORROW AND TOMORROW AND TOMORROW at the Monkey House…9pm $5 Oh, how I wish I had a video to put up by this band.  The recordings on the MySpace are great: MYSPACE YO! BUT, it doesn’t really hold up to how awesome the band is live. They have an infectuous energy. […]

Angioplasty Video – Episode 3 – Zachary Cale

Episode 3 Zachary Cale “War Love” Zachary Cale is from Brooklyn NY.  He played the Monkey with his really great band, Zachary Cale and the Highway Ghosts.  Psychedelic Country sort of stuff.  Really well done, I’m sure he’ll be coming back before long. Enjoy!

Angioplasty Video – Episode 2 – This Frontier Needs Heroes

Episode 2 This Frontier Needs Heroes “Leopard Eyes” We like This Frontier Needs Heroes.  We await their return so that we might hang out again.  Also, maybe they’ll have a bigger band next time around, possibly a band from Burlington……. Enjoy!

The Great White Jenkins!

Saturday July 25th 2009 at the Monkey HOuse :  $5 The Great White Jenkins Last time The Great WHite Jenkins were in town they performed with Guitarist Peter Walker.  It was sweet. ///“Alternating between creepy, Old-Time white gospel-influenced vocal harmonies and woozy, barroom honky-tonk psych-folk that sounds like a cross between Basement Tapes-era Band mixed […]

BUSY WEEK – Zachary Cale w/ This Frontier Needs Heros

Thursday July 16th 2009 Zachary Cale and the Highway Ghosts and This Frontier Needs Heroes W/ Maryse Smith and Stacked @ The Monkey HOuse $5/21+ This week is ever so busy, so I’m going to be busting out half assed post all week….ready?! //Zachary Cale// I saw these guys play in Brooklyn at Zebulon this […]

YO LA TENGO – Tuesday 09.15.09

YES. check it.