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Saturday Jan. 26th 2008- A Must See

Been trying to find the time to write a bit about the 26th that’s approaching pretty fast. Been lazy as fuck I suppose. I guess there’s no better time than now, sitting at my bosses desk while the comedy is roaring in the background, sipping on a vodka and something concoction, listening to The Felice […]

Tonight: Fri. Jan 18, 2008

Tickets are still available. $14 cash or $15 with the plastic. Im pretty excited to see My Dearest Darling for the first time. CAUCUS TO DETERMINE THE FIERY FURNACES’ NEXT ALBUM! more info about the Caucus etc can be found here. Other goodness is happening about Burlington tonight as well: The Von Bondies with SSM […]

Xiu Xiu coming to Bennington

Looks as though XIU XIU is going to be hitting up Bennington College on March 20th. I just got the newest album titled Women As Lovers and have been digging it so far. One straight listen thru on my walk to work faired well and I’ll be rocking out to that a bit more in […]

Good Morning.

 va$htie – “Us Placers” by Lupe, Kanye & Pharrell (CRS) 

Jan. 25th 2008

January 25th and 26th are definitely two dates to mark on your upcoming calendars. Take the time to plan ahead and maybe even get both nights off of work so you can soak in all the quality tunes rolling thru town on those nights. Find a friend with a car, maybe a van, cause you […]


Happy New Year All