Monthly Archives: August 2007

Broken Social Scene presents Kevin Drew @ Ira Allen Chapel Nov. 12th

Perfectly sandwiched between the 3 nights of Dark Star Orchestra just down the road, UVM will be hosting the newest touring incarnation from Broken Social Scene founder Kevin Drew . “Central Scene figure Kevin Drew will release a solo album of sorts on September 18 via Arts & Crafts. Technically titled Broken Social Scene Presents […]

Moog Gods. the Rentals Hit The Middle East

Since I have not yet officially moved to Burlington, last night I was able to sneak to Boston (from Portland, Maine) with ease in order to see The Rentals perform at The Middle East. I should mention a few things about my biases in the Rentals’ favor before I jump into this one. Or, in […]

B(e) Mused- Today! Battery Park- GO!

Brown Bird “Since 2003, Brown Bird has brought subtly disturbing lyrics dressed in soothing harmonies to living rooms, art galleries, and clubs in New England and beyond; however, an ever-darkening orchestral trend has been slowly creeping into their sound.” Today they are going to playing at Battery Park in Burlington as part of B(e) Mused […]

Time Lag. Rivers Of. Smile! Way Too Much Info

On top of that rambling last night. Nemo Bidstrup over at Time Lag Records has also opened a new Record Store. Nemo has been busting out amazing, crazy detail oriented vinyl for years. I first came across Time Lag when they issued the first 45 as well as Full Length EP for what was called […]

Diamond Cove. Party.

I’m heading back to Portland, ME for the first time in quite a few months. Been living in burlington since 1999 and pretty much hit up Portland only around the holidays or there’s a dire need to see the family. Last time home was for my dads wedding a few months back. I think I […]

Eating at Al’s/Hippies and Heroin

I was recently in Al’s, which reminded me of something that a friend of mine who’d spent time living in the Burlington area told me about my moving to his old stomping ground. “Oh,” he said. “It’s a lot like Portland (Maine), but with more hippies and heroin.” Al’s is one of the darkest first-world […]

The Smittens at SPACE Gallery in Portland, ME

The Smittens played at Portland, Maine’s SPACE Gallery a few days back. They opened for Portland’s the 500s. Both sets were super. As would be expected by The Smittens, and for those who are familiar with the 500s, the show was essentially one epic pop-orgasm. I find that the Portland art-rock scene somewhat emulates the […]