The Cush w/ Ryan Power and Vacant Lots

Friday February 20th 2009

The Cush w/ Ryan Power and Vacant Lots

At the Monkey House in WInooski

$6/21+  9pm

poster by Cody Lee

It’s really great when there are bands in Burlington that have been around for a few years, and they still get everyone in Burlingon super excited for a show.  Par example,  Ryan Power and the Cush.  I’d seen the names everywhere, but it took me a few years in Burlington before I was actually able to see a show from either of them.

Ryan performs solo, using an mp3 player as a backing track, and delivers  a really magical performance.  I’ve seen him many times and still thoroughly enjoy.

The Cush is just a great band.  Good songs, well performed with all of the elements that make me a happy listener these days.  I’ve seen them in a few incarnations (not nearly as many as there have been), but with a new record soon to be finished, I’m looking forward to some new tunes, as well as a few from New Appreciation that I’ve grown to know and love.

What is also really great?  When a band has such buzz around town and people are still figuring out, “do we like these guys?”

Thus  The Vacant Lots. What do you think?


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