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The Enchanted Forest (10.23.09) & Radio Bean (10.24.09)

Some goodness. If you happen to be hitting up Ryan Power ~ Happy Birthday ~ Little Women.  or  Odd Nosdam initially on Friday,  definitely consider checking out the Enchanted Forest show afterwards. ∆∆∆    ∆∆∆    ∆∆∆    ∆∆∆ THE ENCHANTED FOREST ZERFALLT (Boston)LW&0B2XA SNAKE IN THE GARDENSUSAN nine thirty yr dick is a bomb, […]

Midnight @ The Bean – tonight –

courtesy of A Snake In The Garden XIPHOID DEMENTIA (MA) :: death industrial & heavy electronics. precise fear http://www.existest.org/xdementia WATERDOGS (CT) :: harsh power electronics. a bloodless heart ZERFALLT (MA) :: dark synth decomposition. our crumbling end GROVEL (BTV) :: dense harsh noise. sexual failure just a quick note…. in case you were looking for […]