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Wedge Show #16: Bloodstained Mire

Man. Just a few hours away. the WEDGE. ruling. . . Daniel Higgs ( Lungfish ) . . DEAD WESTERN . . Wax Mice . . GRASSTOWER vengeful barbaric shrouded sonic savage travelers looming within baneful smoke . . Lawrence Welks & Our Bear to Cross + Toby Aronson will be there as well! . […]

The Wedge Winter Comp – 2009

Shane and Max from the WEDGE were kinda enough to send this over for our listening pleasure. Some super treats on here that I’m excited to check out. Of the 22 tracks listed on this comp I have to say I’m only familiar/ semi familiar with 5 of the jamz. Which means – 17 new […]

Wedge Show 8: Goodbye Larry – 12.12.09

At work. Missing this. I think it starts in 21 minutes. ach. //// //// //// //// from the folks at the wedge: When we all go back home and take our winter breaks and then come back to Burlington, the esteemed LARRY WISH will not be here. He is moving back to Minnesota. But before […]

Larry Wish -> Krinket Software: Newer Burlington Act ( at least to me )

Was hanging up some posters the other day and came across a free CD. Wrapped up in a piece of paper with just the words krinket software 2009 on one side and then a little face and what i thought was 3 little fingers. It just occurred to me that its actually and L and […]