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the le duo – CD Release 12.04.10 – Radio Bean

Somehow I managed to get all weekend off. So I’ll be taking in the CD Release Party for the le duo at Radio Bean on Saturday 12.04 as well as the NEW DUDS 2nd Annual CHILI COOK OFF on Sunday 12.05 . Popped on ‘water of the sun’ when I got here in the office […]

the le duo – discoloration – Radio Bean –

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Not The Wind, Not The Flag – the le duo – Nuda Veritas – 10.24.10 – Radio Bean

. . . . . . Not the Wind, Not the Flag Not The Wind, Not the Flag is a duo consisting of Colin Fisher (guitar, bouzouki, ney, tenor sax, guzheng, hulusi, misc percussion) and Brandon Valdivia (Trap set, Mbira, Slit Drum, Percussion). Music is a way of accessing the divine. Vibration is the echo […]

28 Degrees Taurus w. the le duo + VIKOMT – 7.03.10

After the Fire Works/ BBQ Parties head on over to Radio Bean! – Solo harsh ambient / free improv/ floaty shoegaze psychedelia – … 28 Degree Taurus We are an ambient/psychedelic rock band from Boston called 28 degrees taurus. Our musical ideals are somewhere between the late 60s, early 90s and all the gorgeously catchy […]

Neon Magus CD Release ! – 5.29.10 – Enter

This just in from the fine folks at Aether Everywhere! Neon Magus and Aether Everywhere are proud to finally present Neon Magus’s debut album, Watching The Watcher. The group traveled to Hotel2Tango in Montreal, QC in early January just after a massive snow storm and returned to America triumphant. They worked with world famous producer/engineer […]

Moon Pie w. the le duo + Mohanty Mallon Duet + Even the Dew is Porous – 6.04.10

An evening of awesome presented by the le duo w. friends ! ======================= Moon Pie Moon Pie was formed in spring of 2007 in Washington, DC. We are influenced by countless styles of music spanning dozens of centuries and thousands of galaxies. We make music for you that is fun. We make music for you that […]

the le duo presents – ‘iNprov’- 2.07.10 – Plus LW+OB2X + ASITG –

eats zome wings at the Moon key. Booze it up for the game at the OP. then hit the Bean around 9 for a ton of out there shit. I believe ASITG will be alternating sets with the le duo and Lawrence Welks will be in the mix as well. Definitely recommend checking it out […]

the le duo presents – ‘iNprov’- Feb. 7th, 14th + 28th

this will be great. definitely check at least one of the nights out if not all three! /// //// /// the le duo presents ‘iNprov’ a 3 night event at the radio bean coffee house in burlington vermont. on february 7th, 14th & 28th from 9-1030pm join us for two sets of large group improvisation […]

A Sunny Day In Glasgow w. the le duo + Buzz Jar – 11.12.09

Poster share! Artwork by Colin Patrick Charles. 

Wish I could have Caught this…

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