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Chris Brokaw + Geoff Farina – The Lamb Abbey – 12.13.09 – Early Show!

Looks as though it might finally happen. 4th time around. I remember seeing KARATE back at the Space Gallery in Portland, Maine in October of 2004. The 2nd to be exact. Had been on a streak of seeing some great shows in anticipation of moving back to VT to start a full time job. Just […]

Rock Lottery – Friday 5.22.09 @ Lamb Abbey

Mike Donofrio, bassist for The New Year & VT resident  will be celebrating his Birthday this week in grand fashion. Holding what looks to be Vermont’s first ROCK  LOTTERY Here’s the gist, straight from Mike: “Friday, May 22 will mark the beginning of my fifth decade on earth.  A perfectly good excuse for some fun. […]