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NNA Tapes – Foxy Digitalis Interview

Check it! A Toby and Matt NNA Tapes Interview. ……………….. : ……………….. NNA TAPES ……………….. : ……………….. Toby Aronson and tooth ache. are also embarking on a 9 day run of shows. Winter 2010 Tour Dates tooth ache./Toby Aronson 12/13- New York, NY- Silent Barn w/ Run DMT, Nonhorse, Megafortress 12/14- Carrboro, NC- House Show w/ Secret Boyfriend […]

– The Vacant Lots Sign to Mexican Summer –

More and more Vermont based acts are making waves on the web and getting some solid attention through out the country. Be it posts on sites such as Altered Zones / Tiny Mix Tapes/ Chocolate Bobka/ Friendship Bracelet/ or even Pitchfork – acts are getting some recognition that is certainly due based off of the […]

Work/Death – Sha Gra – Trogpite – Son of Salami – 11.13.10

Saturday, November 13th 2010 at The Enchanted Forest Burlington, Vermont 9:30 PM $5 donations ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ .   .. :: ..   . WORK/DEATH • (Providence, RI) • lush, emotive, and soul-crushing noise from one of the best guys doing it right now. seriously not to be missed. .   .. :: ..   . SHA […]

Notes From The Underground – NNA Tapes

A nice interview/ profile of NNA Tapes and their upcoming release of a cassette-only box set of experimental and pop music from Burlington, VT. Check it here. .:.:.:.:.:. .:.:.:.:.:.

Bee Mask – HPV – Harmonizer – ASITG – 7.11.10 – The Fire House Gallery

The FIRE HOUSE GALLERY is going to kill. Stuck in the Box on this end but if you are free. Greg Davis and Co. have pieced together a fine line up at a space that will hopefully see many more shows as we head into the fall! .GO. .:. .:.:.:. .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. Bee Mask (Deception Island […]

Pine Smoke Lodge w. Toby Aronson + ASITG + tooth ache – 5.26.10

Might finally get to catch my first event down at the ENCHANTED FOREST. Have missed some crazy shit I hear and would love to give a little love to the MAINE based crew of PINE SMOKE LODGE. =-=-==-=-= =-=-==-=-= =-=-==-=-= =-=-==-=-= PINE SMOKE LODGE Pine Smoke Lodge’s Matt McKeever andHillary Dickerson hail from Portland Maine, where […]

Infinite Body – 4.08.10 w. GROWING

Additions that make this even better. I will unfortunately miss it. eff. ========0000——————–0000======== Infinite Body a wonderful review of the latest release – Carve Out the Face of My God – can be found here. ========0000——————–0000======== ~ Supporting GROWING == TOBY ARONSON + EARN ~ ========0000——————–0000======== ~ Thursday April 8th, 2010 – The Monkey House – 8pm […]

Sissy Spacek + Mother of Fire w. Wittmer/Knowles + ASITG + Susan – ENTER – 3.17.10

Tonight! leprechaun noise, sham(punk)rock & green psychedelics! ========0000——————–0000======== :Angioplasty / GD / NNA present: SISSY SPACEK (Los Angeles) MOTHER OF FIRE (Minneapolis) GERRITT WITTMER & PAUL KNOWLES A SNAKE IN THE GARDEN SUSAN @ ENTER Doors 8pm Show 9pm seven bucks all ages ========0000——————–0000======== ========0000——————–0000========