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MAUI – Runways – Digital 7″

MAUI – Runways Fressssh off a freestyle dub trip comes MAUI’s “RUNWAYS”  free digital  7″ >>>>  download <<<< all info via HEAVYPET

Tonight – JEFF The Brotherhood + FOLK Heroes w. HEAVYPET – 2.01.10

Come hang. Ill pick you up. ——–=========+++++=========——– ~ ANGIOplasty MEDIA presents ~ JEFF The Brotherhood 2 brothers from TN. The Brotherhood has been called “kraut punk”, “psychedelic grunge” and “noise pop” drawing comparisons to bands like Hawkwind, Wipers, and early Sonic Youth. They have been carrying their heavy damage all over the country since 2006 […]

– 1.30.10 at The Monkey House & The Enchanted Forest –

it’s cold but still worth going out. Saturday January 30th, 2010 – The Monkey House Pretty & Nice w. You Can Be A Wesley + Big Big Bucks ~ The Monkey House – Saturday January 30th, 2010 – Doors 8:30 or so. $5 ~ -=–=-0==-0=-0=-==-0=-=-sdfa-e fq34fq4fqw–=–=-0==-0=-0=-==-0=-= and once again. probably missing this due to dinner with the […]

SUSAN – Upcoming Events

–==++  SUSAN  ++==– skanky sue. ———-      S     ———- January 30th – THE ENCHANTED FOREST – w. Lawrence Welks. Chubby Wonder. MAUI. TOBY A. ASITG. March 13th – RADIO BEAN – Ladies of Burlington with Nuda Veritas. tooth ache. Lady Lioness. Maryse Smith. ———-      S     ———-

Lawrence Welks + Our Bear 2X CD Release Party – 1.23.10

Fark. This will be great. Glad I heard about it. Someone should pick me up at work. —-====++++//\\++++====— LAWRENCE WELKS + OUR BEAR 2x Here da n_fo: CAM COUGAR cd release toothache, caring babies + chubby wonder (joey pizza slice’s new solo project$!$!$$!) @ ENTER JAN 23rd 9PM BYOB —-====++++//\\++++====— If you can’t make the […]

Hi. Some Things to Look forward to in 2010. Bye.

Some good shows announced. Some with homes. Some without. Sure to be some more surfacing soon. Here are the bands and some of the dates! Lets get some more folks coming this way. ——————————-//// //// //// //// //// //// ////—————————— January early on, rads. still working out the location!. ~ Many Mansions so great. + […]



Birthdays w. toothache + MAUI + Parmaga- 11.08.09 – The Monkey House

TONIGHT! gonna be a good one!  ∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆ BIRTHDAYS   After years of bringing the party with the nastiest of dance songs, BIRTHDAYS releases his latest ep Mating Falls boasting a newly refined sound that is sample based with field recordings and world beats – GS ∆∆∆ MAUI Nick Campolo of Crinkles + Brian “The Grass […]

10.13.09 at The Enchanted Forest

Tuesday .  Not to be missed. Tuesday, October 13th 2009at The Enchanted Forest180 Flynn Ave.Burlington VT9PM //// //// //// //// //// • GOD WILLING ø philly oscillator scum. releases on monorail trespassing, arbor, chondritic sound…• COPPER GLOVE ø formerly Earth Crown, formerly Door. post-apocolyptic homemade electronics. releases on arbor, ekhein, night people…• COWARDS ø power electronics meets heavy ambient. members of […]

MAUI w. MOMO, TDCW, Sacred Harp – 10.03.09 – Radio Bean

MAUI “this MAUI shit is awesome!” – my co worker – 9.29.09 Nick & Brian will be playing a late night set on Saturday night. Midnight is the scheduled start time but it’ll probably be a wee bit after that depending on how things roll on at the Bean. A jam packed night of some […]