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LW+OB2X w. Mincemeat or Tenspeed + Nero’s Day at Disneyland – 6.15.10

TONIGHT! !! basement venue !! Cheri’s Place: “low ceilings, high times”) this Tuesday the 15th. :::::the line up will be brutal (thanks to turkey p for getting these guys)::::: —-====—-====—- —-====—-====—- Mincemeat or Tenspeed (PA) —-====—-====—- —-====—-====—- Nero’s Day at Disneyland (LA) —-====—-====—- —-====—-====—- Lawrence Welks & Our Bear to Cross !!$$ SNFW $$!! + […]

the le duo presents – ‘iNprov’- 2.07.10 – Plus LW+OB2X + ASITG –

eats zome wings at the Moon key. Booze it up for the game at the OP. then hit the Bean around 9 for a ton of out there shit. I believe ASITG will be alternating sets with the le duo and Lawrence Welks will be in the mix as well. Definitely recommend checking it out […]

– 1.30.10 at The Monkey House & The Enchanted Forest –

it’s cold but still worth going out. Saturday January 30th, 2010 – The Monkey House Pretty & Nice w. You Can Be A Wesley + Big Big Bucks ~ The Monkey House – Saturday January 30th, 2010 – Doors 8:30 or so. $5 ~ -=–=-0==-0=-0=-==-0=-=-sdfa-e fq34fq4fqw–=–=-0==-0=-0=-==-0=-= and once again. probably missing this due to dinner with the […]

LW+OB2X w. SUSAN, Grovel, ChUbbY Wonder + Caring Babies – 1.28.10

7 Days dares you to check out the Worst Burlington Has to Offfer! so fuck it. go. —-==== + + + ====—- Lawrence Welks & Our Bear To Cross But there is precious little artistic value in random violence. And that is essentially what the guileless Cam Cougar amounts to, assaulting the listener with berserk fury. […]

Lawrence Welks + Our Bear 2X CD Release Party – 1.23.10

Fark. This will be great. Glad I heard about it. Someone should pick me up at work. —-====++++//\\++++====— LAWRENCE WELKS + OUR BEAR 2x Here da n_fo: CAM COUGAR cd release toothache, caring babies + chubby wonder (joey pizza slice’s new solo project$!$!$$!) @ ENTER JAN 23rd 9PM BYOB —-====++++//\\++++====— If you can’t make the […]

Wedge Show 8: Goodbye Larry – 12.12.09

At work. Missing this. I think it starts in 21 minutes. ach. //// //// //// //// from the folks at the wedge: When we all go back home and take our winter breaks and then come back to Burlington, the esteemed LARRY WISH will not be here. He is moving back to Minnesota. But before […]