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Wedge Show #16: Bloodstained Mire

Man. Just a few hours away. the WEDGE. ruling. . . Daniel Higgs ( Lungfish ) . . DEAD WESTERN . . Wax Mice . . GRASSTOWER vengeful barbaric shrouded sonic savage travelers looming within baneful smoke . . Lawrence Welks & Our Bear to Cross + Toby Aronson will be there as well! . […]

LW+OB2X w. Mincemeat or Tenspeed + Nero’s Day at Disneyland – 6.15.10

TONIGHT! !! basement venue !! Cheri’s Place: “low ceilings, high times”) this Tuesday the 15th. :::::the line up will be brutal (thanks to turkey p for getting these guys)::::: —-====—-====—- —-====—-====—- Mincemeat or Tenspeed (PA) —-====—-====—- —-====—-====—- Nero’s Day at Disneyland (LA) —-====—-====—- —-====—-====—- Lawrence Welks & Our Bear to Cross !!$$ SNFW $$!! + […]

Fucked Up Music – 7.19.10 – The Monkey House

This is huge. Some of the best and bestest local effed up/ talented  artists that Burlington has to offer are joining forces for a night and bringing in some of the finest out there acts from around the country/ world. NNA Tapes / Greg Davis / Angioplasty Media and Others are proud to present: ..:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.. […]

Ryan Power CD Release Party w. Blowtorch + Lawrence Welks & OB2X – 3.05.10

It’s been a while since we had the chance to see a Ryan Power show. Let alone a RP gig with a full band. This could be somewhere along the lines of their 6th gig and possibly first with this updated crew. All and all its going to be a great night of music before […]

Enchanted Forest – 1.30.10 –

might. miss this. maybe. due to YCBAW + P&N. info ganked from Aether Everywhere: a narcissistic, low-key evening of Aquarian celebration & self-preservation through revelry: and again: ~ Live at The Enchanted Forest – Saturday January 30th, 2010- 9pm- Followed by Intimate Dance ! ~

Lawrence Welks + Our Bear 2X CD Release Party – 1.23.10

Fark. This will be great. Glad I heard about it. Someone should pick me up at work. —-====++++//\\++++====— LAWRENCE WELKS + OUR BEAR 2x Here da n_fo: CAM COUGAR cd release toothache, caring babies + chubby wonder (joey pizza slice’s new solo project$!$!$$!) @ ENTER JAN 23rd 9PM BYOB —-====++++//\\++++====— If you can’t make the […]

The Enchanted Forest (10.23.09) & Radio Bean (10.24.09)

Some goodness. If you happen to be hitting up Ryan Power ~ Happy Birthday ~ Little Women.  or  Odd Nosdam initially on Friday,  definitely consider checking out the Enchanted Forest show afterwards. ∆∆∆    ∆∆∆    ∆∆∆    ∆∆∆ THE ENCHANTED FOREST ZERFALLT (Boston)LW&0B2XA SNAKE IN THE GARDENSUSAN nine thirty yr dick is a bomb, […]

9.25.09 at Pomeroy

Here’s a bit more info on that gig we mentioned in a previous post on LW. ROMAN WOLFE [member of Arabian Blade. CT]DEREALIZE [VT noise newcomer]PSYCHIC VAGINA [the artist formerly known as Son Of Salami]RATS COPS [Labatt black & blue]LARRY WISH [latest saga of fucked btv karaoke]ALPHA CENTAUR [heavy psych-o punk lost boyz]LAWRENCE WELKS & […]

Larry Wish -> Krinket Software: Newer Burlington Act ( at least to me )

Was hanging up some posters the other day and came across a free CD. Wrapped up in a piece of paper with just the words krinket software 2009 on one side and then a little face and what i thought was 3 little fingers. It just occurred to me that its actually and L and […]

Russian Tsarlag & Others 6.19.09

From the nice folks that brought you FUCKED UP v. 1,2 & 3. Tonight, June 19th the Long Mustache 208 Flynn Ave – 9pm Russian Tsarlag (Providence, RI) – hypnotic and minimal death rock/garage music with haunted sound and special effect. Small Pox (Charleston, SC) – a trio that plays more trashy noise punk with […]