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Fucked Up Music – 7.19.10 – The Monkey House

This is huge. Some of the best and bestest local effed up/ talented¬† artists that Burlington has to offer are joining forces for a night and bringing in some of the finest out there acts from around the country/ world. NNA Tapes / Greg Davis / Angioplasty Media and Others are proud to present: ..:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.. […]

Hi. Some Things to Look forward to in 2010. Bye.

Some good shows announced. Some with homes. Some without. Sure to be some more surfacing soon. Here are the bands and some of the dates! Lets get some more folks coming this way. ——————————-//// //// //// //// //// //// ////—————————— January early on, rads. still working out the location!. ~ Many Mansions so great. + […]

Wet Luke Harmonize(r)s w. CaboLadies con Maui – 7.10.09

Back to the Bake….ah, GEZELLIG THEATER for some goodies. It’s been a wee bit since the noisier drone dark pop jams have rolled down those halls of 294 N. Winooski Ave. The Usual folks set up another rad gig with some talented in staters & outta staters for a night of sonic manipulation. Come . […]

Tonight: TICK_TICK-NNA-GD extravaganza bliss fest

Hello all. We were slightly¬† involved in helping to set up a show this Wednesday (tonight) at the Bakery in downtown Burlington. 3 bands on tour who are bringing their brand of new age cosmic synth drone bliss to New England and beyond. And a little help from some locals. ///////////////////// Wednesday, March 18, 2009 […]