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LW+OB2X w. SUSAN, Grovel, ChUbbY Wonder + Caring Babies – 1.28.10

7 Days dares you to check out the Worst Burlington Has to Offfer! so fuck it. go. —-==== + + + ====—- Lawrence Welks & Our Bear To Cross But there is precious little artistic value in random violence. And that is essentially what the guilelessĀ Cam Cougar amounts to, assaulting the listener with berserk fury. […]

Midnight @ The Bean – tonight –

courtesy of A Snake In The Garden XIPHOID DEMENTIA (MA) :: death industrial & heavy electronics. precise fear http://www.existest.org/xdementia WATERDOGS (CT) :: harsh power electronics. a bloodless heart ZERFALLT (MA) :: dark synth decomposition. our crumbling end GROVEL (BTV) :: dense harsh noise. sexual failure just a quick note…. in case you were looking for […]