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Neon Magus CD Release ! – 5.29.10 – Enter

This just in from the fine folks at Aether Everywhere! Neon Magus and Aether Everywhere are proud to finally present Neon Magus’s debut album, Watching The Watcher. The group traveled to Hotel2Tango in Montreal, QC in early January just after a massive snow storm and returned to America triumphant. They worked with world famous producer/engineer […]

Mars Pyramid Record Release – 4.30.10 – Radio Bean

This will rule. Unsure if I’ll be over to get over to the Bean by 11/ 11:15 that night but will do my best. Eager to see each and everyone of these acts/ as well as rock the releases. ΔΔΔ Mars Pyramid ΔΔΔ Based out of Burlington, VT, MARS PYRAMID is a microlabel dedicated to […]