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DUNGEN – 10.12.10 – The Monkey House

Good ol’ Matt Rogers at MSR reeled in these Swedish psychedelic rockers! .. . . . . .. DUNGEN For those who don’t have their English-Svenska Dictionary close at hand when plunking/ popping/ importing Dungen’s sixth album Skit I Allt into their respective LP/CD/ MP3 listening devices, let’s make sure the title doesn’t get lost […]

Samara Lubelski w. Joshua Burkett – 9.20.09 – Radio Bean

I’m pretty excited about this one. Glad it panned out and they were able to find a place to play in town. Hopefully a few folks come out. It’s later on a Sunday but its also the same night as The Decemberists in town so maybe a few like minded fans come on over after […]