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Infinite Body – 4.08.10 w. GROWING

Additions that make this even better. I will unfortunately miss it. eff. ========0000——————–0000======== Infinite Body a wonderful review of the latest release – Carve Out the Face of My God – can be found here. ========0000——————–0000======== ~ Supporting GROWING == TOBY ARONSON + EARN ~ ========0000——————–0000======== ~ Thursday April 8th, 2010 – The Monkey House – 8pm […]

An EXCITING SHOW – 5.03.09

Some of the most prominent figures in the American noise scene will be  stopping through Burlington this coming Sunday, 5.03.09, en route to this year’s NO FUN FEST in Brooklyn! It’s always great when one act rolls thru town, has a blast, and tells their friends. CONCERN, brother of CASIOTONE FOR THE PAINFULLY ALONE did […]