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– Autumn Records – 1st Releases of 2010 –

!!!! Just in from Greg Davis – hi friends, happy new year! to kick off 2010, im excited to announce 2 great new autumn records releases! /// //// /// RUTH GARBUS ruth garbus – rendezvous with rama CD (AR010) we are very happy to present you with ruth garbus’ (Happy Birthday / ex-Feathers) debut solo album, rendezvous with […]

Boduf Songs, To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie and Ben Vida & Greg Davis 11.29.08

It’s essentially a KRANKY SHOWCASE brought to you by the fine folks behind AETHER EVERYWHERE.  If you’re lurking out post Thanksgiving weekend with an itch for some experimental music, you are more than in luck.  “Kranky Records and Aether Everywhere present an evening of Smokey Melodies and Shadowy Ambience.” Take a listen and come hang […]