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Beach Fossils – 8.13.10 – The Monkey House

Glad these guys are coming back. Last time through was with PRINCE RAMA (recently linked up with  PAW TRACKS )  and local folk such as Parmaga, tooth ache + UPbrella. Bad ass night. Sold out the Bakery aka The Gezellig Theatre aka ENTER. Since then they’ve pretty much been killing it non stop. Upcoming tours […]

Prince Rama & Beach Fossils – Tonight 10.07.09

Just a reminder. Kicks off at 8:30 in the PM. $5. The Gezellig Theatre. w. Tooth Ache, Parmaga & UPbrella!

Prince Rama of Ayodhya w. Beach Fossils, Tooth Ache , parmaga & UPbrella! – 10.07.09- The Gezellig Theater

We’ve certainly posted a few times now about Prince Rama of Ayodhya each time they have strolled through Burlington. This might be the first time I actually get to catch them though. The first time through was an epic event pretty much presented by the Whitehaus Family Record ( bestest folks in Mass! ). A […]