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Matt Buschlow’s attention to the Vermont music scene and his all around professionalism has brought musicians into the public eye that may have otherwise gone unnoticed to the world/state at large.  Matt has done a number of pieces for Seven Days and VPR, but here’s a link to his most recent piece on the super […]

Bee Mask – HPV – Harmonizer – ASITG – 7.11.10 – The Fire House Gallery

The FIRE HOUSE GALLERY is going to kill. Stuck in the Box on this end but if you are free. Greg Davis and Co. have pieced together a fine line up at a space that will hopefully see many more shows as we head into the fall! .GO. .:. .:.:.:. .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. Bee Mask (Deception Island […]

Kurt Weisman album and Euro Video

A few weeks ago I purchased the newest release from Kurt Weisman: Orange Over and over I listen through this brief but beautiful, perfectly shaped album. The reason I’m sharing this with yous all is that this morning Greg Davis put up a video of Kurt from his tour of Europe with Micah Blue Smaldone […]

– Autumn Records – 1st Releases of 2010 –

!!!! Just in from Greg Davis – hi friends, happy new year! to kick off 2010, im excited to announce 2 great new autumn records releases! /// //// /// RUTH GARBUS ruth garbus – rendezvous with rama CD (AR010) we are very happy to present you with ruth garbus’ (Happy Birthday / ex-Feathers) debut solo album, rendezvous with […]

New autumn records release!!

autumn records //NEW RELEASE// KURT & CHRIS WEISMAN You can stream bits of each of the tracks if you follow the link.  Also, there is a rundown of how it was conceived.  Apparently the album title was chosen and then Chris, Kurt, and their sister Emma went to work on the music and artwork. Check […]