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Angioplasy Video Episode 6

Local flavor… Lowell Thompson came and played this beautiful song for us, with a little help from Mark Charles Heidinger of Vandaveer. Lowell Thompson “Sunday Morning” Enjoy!

Angioplasty Video – Episode 5 Vandaveer

Vandaveer, vandaveer, vandaveer…. geez….. Sorry, so much about one act. But, this is important? We did a very fun session of Angioplasty Video last night, and this is what we got… Vandaveer The Waking Hour Hope yeh like ‘er…..

Angioplasty Video 4 (and 3)

Presenting….. Brown Bird I hope you are enjoying the Angioplasty Videos.  We are definitely enjoying taping them for you all.  Editing them….not so much. But oh well, glad to bring this installment to you beautiful people. This episode was taped late night on August 15th in our very stuffy studio. Please do check out Brown […]

Brown Bird added this Saturday 8/15/09!

BROWN BIRD So, this here is 3/5 of Brown Bird. Know the dude with the beard but don’t recognize the other members? Thats because Jeremy and Jerusha (aka South China) aren’t in it. PEEP: Apparently for a period of time in the past 2 years they were focusing more on South China. But guess what? […]

Angioplasty Video – Episode 3 – Zachary Cale

Episode 3 Zachary Cale “War Love” Zachary Cale is from Brooklyn NY.  He played the Monkey with his really great band, Zachary Cale and the Highway Ghosts.  Psychedelic Country sort of stuff.  Really well done, I’m sure he’ll be coming back before long. Enjoy!

Angioplasty Video – Episode 2 – This Frontier Needs Heroes

Episode 2 This Frontier Needs Heroes “Leopard Eyes” We like This Frontier Needs Heroes.  We await their return so that we might hang out again.  Also, maybe they’ll have a bigger band next time around, possibly a band from Burlington……. Enjoy!