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Bee Mask – HPV – Harmonizer – ASITG – 7.11.10 – The Fire House Gallery

The FIRE HOUSE GALLERY is going to kill. Stuck in the Box on this end but if you are free. Greg Davis and Co. have pieced together a fine line up at a space that will hopefully see many more shows as we head into the fall! .GO. .:. .:.:.:. .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. Bee Mask (Deception Island […]

Fucked Up Music – 7.19.10 – The Monkey House

This is huge. Some of the best and bestest local effed up/ talented  artists that Burlington has to offer are joining forces for a night and bringing in some of the finest out there acts from around the country/ world. NNA Tapes / Greg Davis / Angioplasty Media and Others are proud to present: ..:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.. […]

Pine Smoke Lodge w. Toby Aronson + ASITG + tooth ache – 5.26.10

Might finally get to catch my first event down at the ENCHANTED FOREST. Have missed some crazy shit I hear and would love to give a little love to the MAINE based crew of PINE SMOKE LODGE. =-=-==-=-= =-=-==-=-= =-=-==-=-= =-=-==-=-= PINE SMOKE LODGE Pine Smoke Lodge’s Matt McKeever andHillary Dickerson hail from Portland Maine, where […]

Sissy Spacek + Mother of Fire w. Wittmer/Knowles + ASITG + Susan – ENTER – 3.17.10

Tonight! leprechaun noise, sham(punk)rock & green psychedelics! ========0000——————–0000======== :Angioplasty / GD / NNA present: SISSY SPACEK (Los Angeles) MOTHER OF FIRE (Minneapolis) GERRITT WITTMER & PAUL KNOWLES A SNAKE IN THE GARDEN SUSAN @ ENTER Doors 8pm Show 9pm seven bucks all ages ========0000——————–0000======== ========0000——————–0000========

the le duo presents – ‘iNprov’- 2.07.10 – Plus LW+OB2X + ASITG –

eats zome wings at the Moon key. Booze it up for the game at the OP. then hit the Bean around 9 for a ton of out there shit. I believe ASITG will be alternating sets with the le duo and Lawrence Welks will be in the mix as well. Definitely recommend checking it out […]

– 1.30.10 at The Monkey House & The Enchanted Forest –

it’s cold but still worth going out. Saturday January 30th, 2010 – The Monkey House Pretty & Nice w. You Can Be A Wesley + Big Big Bucks ~ The Monkey House – Saturday January 30th, 2010 – Doors 8:30 or so. $5 ~ -=–=-0==-0=-0=-==-0=-=-sdfa-e fq34fq4fqw–=–=-0==-0=-0=-==-0=-= and once again. probably missing this due to dinner with the […]

Enchanted Forest – 1.30.10 –

might. miss this. maybe. due to YCBAW + P&N. info ganked from Aether Everywhere: a narcissistic, low-key evening of Aquarian celebration & self-preservation through revelry: and again: ~ Live at The Enchanted Forest – Saturday January 30th, 2010- 9pm- Followed by Intimate Dance ! ~

The Enchanted Forest (10.23.09) & Radio Bean (10.24.09)

Some goodness. If you happen to be hitting up Ryan Power ~ Happy Birthday ~ Little Women.  or  Odd Nosdam initially on Friday,  definitely consider checking out the Enchanted Forest show afterwards. ∆∆∆    ∆∆∆    ∆∆∆    ∆∆∆ THE ENCHANTED FOREST ZERFALLT (Boston)LW&0B2XA SNAKE IN THE GARDENSUSAN nine thirty yr dick is a bomb, […]

10.13.09 at The Enchanted Forest

Tuesday .  Not to be missed. Tuesday, October 13th 2009at The Enchanted Forest180 Flynn Ave.Burlington VT9PM //// //// //// //// //// • GOD WILLING ø philly oscillator scum. releases on monorail trespassing, arbor, chondritic sound…• COPPER GLOVE ø formerly Earth Crown, formerly Door. post-apocolyptic homemade electronics. releases on arbor, ekhein, night people…• COWARDS ø power electronics meets heavy ambient. members of […]

Fucked Up Music V.3 – The Fest – 6.14.09

Bigger and Better. Every time. FUCKED UP MUSIC v3 – THE FEST June 14, two 009 The Long Mustache 208 Flynn Ave. Burlington, VT 7pm starring… ** Suggested Donations / $$$5 greatly appreciated!!** CARING BABIES MAUI COSMIC MATRIX LW&OB2X SON OF SALAMI A S I T G THESE ARE POWERS TOOTH ACHE. TUFF MUSCLE CRANK […]