Maryse Smith – Telecom Italia Commercial


This short clip for Telecom Italia is directed by SAM MENDES (American Beauty) with music by RYAN MILLER (of Guster ) with local singer songwriter MARYSE SMITH singing the Beatles HELLO GOODBYE.

a little internet research led me to this:

. . . . . Google Translator – Italian to English . . . . .

Images of Spoleto opened this new film directed by Oscar winner institutional TelecomSam Mendes

Match yesterday the new campaign on all national TV. The video available online

Since yesterday on all national TV networks, you can see the new spot’s institutionalTelecom shot partly in Cathedral Square and inside the Teatro Caio Melissa.

The short film was directed by Oscar winner Sam Mendes with his first film, AmericanBeauty, won the statuette for best director and best film. Mendes, author of Road to Perdition, Jarhead and about to shoot the next James Bond film, has chosen the spectacular beauty of the steps of Piazza del Duomo to open with a gentle motion of thedolly, the spot where the protagonist of the story, that starts from the 50s to get to this day, an Italian family in which stands a female figure portrayed in his moments pi ¨ ‘memorable as the most common, which in time become precious memories. The notesaccompanying the ad are those of Hello, Goodbye The Beatles (cover by Ryan Millerplayed by British singer Maryse Smith)

from an Italian Newspaper Translated from Italian to English with Google Translator!



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