Even The Dew Is Porous – Elastic Echo

Tyler Brassard’s Even The Dew I Porous has a new release out on the Maryland based label Rainbow Bridge .  Just caught wind of it – have been a wee bit spent as of late = I missed him perform this past Friday at The Monkey House.  Grab this 27 minute limited run tape while ya can!

Even The Dew is Porous

Elastic Echo

Gorgeous aural soundscapes using samples, guitar, synth and electronics. This tape will make you take flight and dream in blurry, vague visions until it’s time to flip the tape. Tyler Brassard originally swept me off my feet after listening to his release on Mars Pyramid. After wiping the dew from my eyes and coming down off my cloud, I stalked this guy until I convinced him to record something for a Rainbow Bridge tape. What I got was something even more sensational than I thought possible. This audio seems to sparkle, pulsate, float and flow like a shining, calm rapid amidst the cosmos. Grab this tape before the small edition of 15 drifts away. Rainbow Bridge

.Chrome cassettes with full color j-cards. Limited to 15.

Even The Dew is Porous – Shards of A Silent World via Mars Pyramid also available here.


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