Planets Around the Sun


ltd131: planets around the sun “gold” c46
**** SOLD OUT ****

“back the fuck up and freak the fuck out. planets around the sun are another epic cog in the music vistas of portland, maine. made up from members of cursillistas/herbcraft, tempera, white light and others in the l’animaux tryst family, planets’ sonics feel like religious offerings to a long-forgotten stellar godforms. it’s huge, sprawling and absolutely magickal.

acoustic drones flicker like organic spires in the distance. the group’s combined voices singing through heavy rays like sirens beckoning you home. the build-up is incredible. minimal, nearly-tribal drums push the movement to another level entirely as it enters into its cathartic, critical mass before breaking down and decaying back into the earth. left behind are the strums of guitars and industrial, percussive blasts that couldn’t be contained in the fallout. edition of 80.”


brought to our attention via Hilly Town.


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