Tayisha Busay – The Wedge – #20 – LADIEZ NIGHT – 10.10.10

Sunday is a busy one.

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Tayisha  Busay

Info from the fine folks at the Wedge:

Not to be confused with Wedge Show #21, which is the following Wednesday, and which will be louder.

A wild group of (almost) all ladiez is coming through Burlington and going to bring their wacky booty shaking electro to the WEDGE. There has really never been anything like Tayisha Busay at the house, and I, for one, am super excited.

Fleshing out the bill will be the ever bootylicious Lawrence Welks & Our Bear To Cross. They gon’ treat you righttttt.

So get your dancin’ shoes on, your tight pants even tighter than normal, and forget about Monday, cuz Monday blows!

Rounding Out The Night is:

Spacemen Saturday Night


Caring Babies

Ladiez get in fo FREEEEEEE!!!

So do male ladiezzzz!!!

….But everyone should give a donationnnnnnnn!!!!!!

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