Shapes and Sizes – Candle To Your Eyes – Streaming Now

In the last few years Burlington has seen a # of top notch Canadian based acts come through town. One of my favorites has been SHAPES and SIZES who played down at the Fifth Element a few years back. .

Looks as though their new album came out this week on Asthmatic Kitty and is streaming at EXCLAIM CA.

Been rocking it here in the office today.

If Sufjan Stevens’s stamp of approval is any indication of a band’s quality, then Victoria, BC natives Shapes and Sizes are ones to take notice of. Currently the only Canadian band on his Asthmatic Kitty roster, the experimental quartet have a penchant for jam-packed tracks embellished with quirky, left-field riffs.

Candle to Your Eyes’ enhanced exploration of the sonic soundscape, improved self-editing and the murky, almost blues-soaked guitar running through most of the record, create a balanced, well-thought-out album.

Steady, paced and rooted, yet urgent and continuously alert, Shapes and Sizes’ Candle to Your Eyes is proof of a self-assured band where everyone is on the same page.

Candle to Your Eyes will be streaming on until August 9.


Hope they make it back this way sometime soon.


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