Bee Mask – HPV – Harmonizer – ASITG – 7.11.10 – The Fire House Gallery

The FIRE HOUSE GALLERY is going to kill. Stuck in the Box on this end but if you are free. Greg Davis and Co. have pieced together a fine line up at a space that will hopefully see many more shows as we head into the fall!





Bee Mask

– bee mask is the project of the cleveland native chris madak. using oscillators built into glass jars, synthesizers, guitar, processing and other methods of electronic experimentation, this dude brings next level white light sounds similar to that of phill niblock, tony conrad, or even the mellow aspects of ash ra temple. –


Harpoon Pole Vault

– Harpoon Pole Vault is one of several solo projects by Seattle’s Jason E. Anderson, best known as head of the Gift Tapes label and as half of synth duo Brother Raven. Harpoon Pole Vault recalls the atmospheric zones of early new age pioneers and early 80’s underground tape music. Space sounds and noisy textures are folded into melodic musical structures through improvisations with synthesizers and effects. –



Harmonizer is the new duo of Burlington, Vermont residents Greg Davis (Kranky, Carpark, Autumn Records) and Toby Aronson (NNA Tapes, RATS COPS). Future world sample-driven electronic synthesis, heavy rhythms, and total harmonizer worship.

sample the sounds.


A Snake in the Garden

Industrial Harsh Noise
[vimeo 7402542]


Firehouse Gallery
135 Church St.
Burlington VT 05401
Sunday, July 11th, 2010
All Ages
Spread the Word and Bring a Friend!



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