FOLKTRONICA IV – 6.12.10 – Tonight!

Lots o music as of late. Not so great about posting ahead of time. But.


F CINEMA Presents:


This Saturday the 12th at 7:30: Folktronica IV, starring:

Plasmaarc Wasted
Grace Kelly All Day
Johanna Hiller
Birch Bones
Joshe Henry
The Primals

DJ Sycofont

and (possibly) more artists to come
~ In the basement of 69 Grant ~

+++++++++++PLUS +++++++++++

Then, next Wednesday (the 16th) THE DEBUT OF OUR ( F Cinemas ) NEW GARDEN CINEMA LOCATION:

the second installment of Critical Thinking.

We’ll be showing Global Brain by Peter Russell again because the first time we showed it went so well.

That’s this Wednesday at 9 pm at 50 Loomis.

We have lots more goodies coming up this summer so keep your inboxes peeled….


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