Pine Smoke Lodge w. Toby Aronson + ASITG + tooth ache – 5.26.10

Might finally get to catch my first event down at the ENCHANTED FOREST. Have missed some crazy shit I hear and would love to give a little love to the MAINE based crew of PINE SMOKE LODGE.

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Pine Smoke Lodge’s Matt McKeever andHillary Dickerson hail from Portland Maine, where Matt also runs the awesome labelExistential Cloth. Together Pine Smoke Lodge summit snowy banks of acoustical drone in ever-ascendant strides of bowed & plucked strings, icicle bells & xylophone, and heat-generating vocal mantra.

( Portland, ME. weird droney foresty )

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* TOBY ARONSONtriumphant visionary electronics

* A Snake In The Garden metallic abuse, no belief

* tooth achedowner pop with booty beats

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Wednesday May 26th 2010
at The Enchanted Forest
Burlington, VT
9PM | donation$ for touring band

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additional info available –  grimeology at gmail dot com –


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