Wavves + Cloud Nothings – 6.21.10 – Metronome

Sandwiched in between a brief 3 day Canadian run + Boston/ NYC/ DC/ Philly and then Lollapalooza-


will be stopping through town at METRONOME for a gathering.

Join us.

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Angioplasty Media in cahoots with WRUV! presents:


Last year, Wavves released Wavvves, an album of lo-fi, home-recorded noise-pop that made mastermind Nathan Williams internet-famous.Since then, he’s had a tumultuous year-and-a-half, leaving a trail of onstage meltdowns and inter-band feuds behind him.

And somewhere in there, he found time to record the follow-up to Wavvves.

The new album, tentatively titled King of the Beach, is due August 3 from Fat Possum. Williams recorded the album with his touring band, former Jay Reatard rhythm section of Stephen Pope and Billy Hayes. And he recorded it in an actual professional studio, Sweet Tea in Oxford, Mississippi, with Modest Mouse helmsman Dennis Herring producing.pf

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Cloud Nothings is 18 year old Dylan Baldi, operating out of various basements and bedrooms in cleveland, ohio. Making pop music by and for the kind of people who can only afford to buy one microphone, cloud nothings puts a gritty, lo-fi edge on pop-punk and is all the better for it.

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~ Monday June 21st, 2010 – Club Metronome – 8pm – $10 – 18 Plus ~


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