Daniel Francis Doyle + Ghosting – 4.11.10 – at 242

Austin, TX’s own DANIEL FRANCIS DOYLE ! back in the states, fresh from 2 nights as the opening slot for GROWING in Ottawa/ Montreal.

Tonight he’ll be joined by GHOSTING. I gots to work the Sleigh Bells/ Crinkles/ Welks event. Rules.

If you aren’t hittin that up-  I highly recommend checking this out.

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Daniel Francis Doyle

Daniel Francis Doyle accompanies his own live-recorded guitar loops with powerfully tumbling drum beats, while belting out vocals through a headset microphone that clings on for dear life. With so many “one man bands” vying for your scant DIY dollars of late, it’s hard to find one that actually pursues the idea beyond the realm of novelty. Doyle’s intense live sets feature almost embarrassingly candid lyrical content combined with a voluminous guitar scratch that pushes the solo concept into a loud and uncomfortable place. – PANACHE BOOKING

“…Doyle is a dude from Austin who loops insanely fucked up, angular guitar riffs that still have a sort of Minutemen-esque bounce to them. Then he plays drums and sings/screams into a headset mic, cueing the loops with his foot. It fucking destroys. ” – Jake Duzsik of HEALTH

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~ Sunday April 11th, 2010 – 242 Main – sometime tonight – for a price ~


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