Ryan Power – I Don’t Want To Die – Props

Ryan and C0. have been out on the road for most of March with their last show of the run being in Rochester, NY this evening.

Stops in Burlington, Somerville, Providence, NYC, Chicago, Austin to name a few, with a cast of great up and coming/ established acts from around the country. One of those acts was NYC based LITTLE WOMEN.

Was just checking out a piece in IMPOSE MAGAZINE that has the band LITTLE WOMEN talking a little bit about describing how they as a band works like the human heart.

“Little Women was formed to put the heart back into the music that we love. These few records below are musicians/recordings we feel that have that special heart quality we strive for in our music.”

So. the 4 records they decided to list are.

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– Madvillian – Madvilliany, Lighting Bolt – Wonderful Rainbow,

Morton Feldman – Patterns in a Chromatic Field

+ Ryan Power – I Don’t Want To Die –

a nice read.

Ryan Power is my favorite undiscovered gem of modern American pop music.  It’s almost laughable how brilliant his songs are and the fact that no one has yet to release his music.  It’s a very embarrassing experience for me to hear Ryan’s music live, as I inevitably end up crying in the way that I imagine I’ll cry on my wedding day, or when my first child is born. His music manages to both stimulate my inner music geek with his adventurous orchestrations and imaginative arrangements while at the same time cutting straight through my brain directly to my emotional center.

Hearing Ryan Power’s music along with a few others (Early Blonde Redhead, The Descendents,) strongly assisted me in moving out of my Bebop Police phase in high school, opening me back up to the full spectrum of music. “I Don’t Want To Die” is his newest release that to me, is his most brutally honest record to date.   I’ve already listened to “Mondo Rush” a couple hundred of times. It is simply a masterpiece pop song, while still having elements of extreme strangeness lurking in the background, which is what I love about Ryan’s songs.  It’s still uncompromising music even though some of the songs have extreme pop appeal.  Ryan should be on the same short list as Syd Barrett, Jim O’Rourke, and Brian Wilson as important songwriters of their respective generations.

– IMPOSE MAGAZINE – Little Women Feature –

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