Kurt Weisman album and Euro Video

A few weeks ago I purchased the newest release from Kurt Weisman:


Over and over I listen through this brief but beautiful, perfectly shaped album.

The reason I’m sharing this with yous all is that this morning Greg Davis put up a video of Kurt from his tour of Europe with Micah Blue Smaldone (who has a magical little website)  and Asa Irons.

Greg has released a few of Kurt’s brother Chris’ albums on his label Autumn Records (including Northern Songs, a collaboration between Greg and Chris).

check them out here:

<<Autumn Records>>

A few Weisman related releases that Greg has put out in the past year that I’ve been listening to on the regular:

Chris Wiesman‘s tape Fresh Sip

Ruth Garbus‘s Rendezvous with Rama

ps. check out kurt and greg with Nat Baldwin on may 13th at the Monkey House!!!


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