NURSES – 4.15.10 – The Monkey House

Just before I hit the road for a bit this summer my friend ALY recommended I check out a band called NURSES ahead of time/ or/ once we got out to Portland, OR.

As that’s where they lurk.

Didn’t have a chance to see them play (or any music) while we were out there for that matter as it was only a day of drinks/ walking.

but. I did get the album and dug it.

We  ended up at a house on our way out of town for a few beers that had the best trail of ants all across the floor and then up the wall and across it into a gaping hole of sheet rock. This house also had a super sweet print of a NURSES flyer on their refrigerator so I felt good about it.

Anywho. Yesterday I was digging the NURSES Daytrotter Session that just went up and then noticed that they got the support slot for the upcoming Tallest Man On Earth tour.

So. April 15th. The Monkey House. it is.

‘ * NURSES * ‘

Risk-taking and synchronicity seem to play a huge part in determining the career path of Nurses, who became re-acquainted with drummer James Mitchell by what could either be considered fate or luck of the draw. Despite sharing mutual friends with Mitchell when living in Southern California, Bowers and Chapman never really knew him until moving to Portland and realizing he was just about the only person they knew in the city. Mitchell offered the two his couch, and from there, the three became well-acquainted, with Mitchell’s drumming chops soon rounding out the newly-reformed three-piece. – redefine magazine


~ Thursday April 15th, 2010 – The Monkey House – $12 Doors 8pm ~

Tickets available on 2/12 at or Pure Pop Records

additional information can be found at MSR Presents


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  1. Sophie
    Posted February 25, 2010 at 7:52 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Holy shit… This is the opener for TMOE? This show just went from fucking awesome to peedpants fucking awesome. Wow. April’s gun be a good month.

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