Lawrence Welks + Our Bear 2X CD Release Party – 1.23.10


This will be great. Glad I heard about it. Someone should pick me up at work.



Here da n_fo:

CAM COUGAR cd release

toothache, caring babies + chubby wonder (joey pizza slice’s new solo project$!$!$$!)


JAN 23rd 9PM


If you can’t make the jam check out these listening pieces or gigs for LW+OB2X:

January 17th – THE RADIATOR 105.9 FM – RADIO show TIME bitches:

RADIO show!!!!!!!!!! We’ll be on The Radiator bright and early on Sunday to spin and chat tracks from our latest album, CAM COUGAR!!!!!!!!! We may also discuss future projects and play some live songs too!!!!!!!!! What a great morning So get a cup of coffee and a joint and tune in at 9.

(unless you are gettting morning sex, that is the one excuse, but still tune in after)

January 28th – The Monkey House w. Chubby Wonder, tooth ache + caring babies

January 30th – The Enchanted Forest w. Snake In The Garden, Toby Aronson, SUSAN ($!) + MAUI

February 7th – Radio Bean ! FREE. Donations kill.  Slightly.


interested and/ or confused:

emails us at angioplastymedia – at – gmail – dot – com



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