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Just in from Greg Davis –

hi friends,
happy new year!
to kick off 2010, im excited to announce 2 great new autumn records

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ruth garbus – rendezvous with rama CD
we are very happy to present you with ruth garbus’ (Happy Birthday / ex-Feathers) debut solo album, rendezvous with rama. fragile, quiet, beautiful, serene songs. like if vashti bunyan sang and played electric guitar, recording for ECM! these days, not many people can pull off a record this lovely of just electric guitar and vocals but ruth does it. her music flows with ease and beauty and grace. her guitar parts suggest cascading choirs and unheard contrapuntal vistas. and her lyrics invoke scenes from: imaginary worlds (visual art) & everyday worlds (house painter)
we are lucky to get a glimpse into the creative fantasy/reality lands of this quiet vermont artist.

for more information go here.

mp3 samples:
Falling Down to Earth
My Apple

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ben vida – patchwork CASSETTE
ben vida is best known for his work as bird show or town & country or singer or any number of other projects he’s been involved with over the past decade or so. this cassette showcases his recent forays into electronic synthesizer music. he has been slowly refining his set-up/sound/process to achieve more and more unique & varied results. what we get here is a swirling,cycling mass of tones and shapes and colors. the process of now. the idea of eternity is just around the corner. ben selected excerpts from these infinite synth patches and they all flow together to make an energetic and dynamic listening experience.

for more information go here

mp3 sample:
#1 Patch Eight

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autumn records




  1. gd
    Posted January 6, 2010 at 5:57 pm | Permalink | Reply

    next autumn records releases will be:

    Kurt Weisman – Orange CD
    Chris Weisman – Fresh Sip Cassette

    coming soon!!!!!

  2. nmavodones
    Posted January 6, 2010 at 6:00 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Gonna Take a Fresh Sip!

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