Austin Sirch + Paper Castles – 12.20.09 – Radio Bean

This will be nice.

Haven’t seen Austin play in quite a while. I think the last time I saw him play was before I randomly saw him walking up a trail to Camels Hump in the snow. And that had to be at least a year plus ago.




Sirch offers one deceptively fragile gem after another from start to finish on this disc. His airy tenor lilts weightlessly over a surprisingly complex bed of guitars and occasional atmospheric bowed strings. It’s a perfect complement to his fractured, wistful lyricism. In concert, Sirch displays a nervous, boyish charm that almost threatens to derail his performances. But that disorganized anxiety arguably serves as his greatest asset on record. With Alter Alert, Austin Sirch has struck a most elusive balance: refined entropy.

~ Dan Bolles, Seven Days



To his credit — particularly as a young songwriter — Reagan’s stylistic influences are often difficult to directly identify…[his] guitar work is nothing short of beautiful…an unquestionably unique local talent

~ Dan Bolles, Seven Days – gloigiegegobdrjtgdrt


~ Sunday December 20th, 2009 – Radio Bean – 8:45 til 11pm – FREE – Donations Encouraged/ Appreciated ~


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