Mountain Man covers tooth ache at CMJ

A little late on this one but was just watching some footage of CMJ back in October of MOUNTAIN MAN and the second song in their segment for The Loneliness of The Long Distance Runner is a cover of

tooth aches HOLYFATHER.

//// //// //// ////

“now i’ll admit i’m not the best in town, but i’ll be the best ’till the best comes around.”

filmed in one continuous shot on october 20, 2009 at monkeytown in williamsburg, bk.

this is part 2 of my cmj series entitled “the loneliness of the long distance runner;” a tribute to the 1962 film (and book) with the same name, and also an homage to all diy artists out there that are struggling with something…hell is other people.

camera | sound | editing
ray concepcion

produced by
underwater peoples

–  Ray Concepcion

\\\\ \\\ \\\\ \\\\


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